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We have combined unique blends of infused and gourmet salts to create these Salt Gift Sets for the foodies and everyday/seasoned cooks alike. Use these salt combinations as finishing salts for your dish, cocktail or desert or as that special ingredient in your special dish. Every one of our salt combinations is handcrafted in small batches for freshness and are the perfect accompanyment to elevate the flavour of your dish.


Our Salt Gift Sets come in 1 oz and 5 oz jar sizes that will include a mixture of the following:


Bacon Infused Salt                                                     Himalayan Salt

Balsamic Vinegar Salt                                                 Lavendar Salt

California Salt                                                             Lavendar Rosemary Salt

Cilantro Lime Infused Salt                                           Mango Curry Lime Salt

Colombian Coffee Salt                                               Maple Infused Salt

Cyprus Black Flake Salt                                             Merlot Salt

Cyprus Lemon Salt                                                    Orange Ginger Salt

Hippy Chick Salt                                                        Rosemary Citrus Salt

French Grey Salt                                                        Seaweed Salt

Habanero Salt                                                            ShePeppers Salt

Hawaiian Alaea Salt                                                    Smoked Alderwood Salt

Hawaiian Lava Salt                                                     Smoked Cherrywood Salt

Herbs de Provence Salt                                              Smoked Chili Ginger Salt

Ultimate Blend Salt                                                     Wasabi Ginger Salt

White Wine Spritzer Salt


Our Hot & Spicy Salt Gift Sets will include a mxture of seven (7) 3 dram sizes of the following:


Ancho Pepper Salt                                                     Habanero Pepper Salt

Carolina Reaper Salt                                                  Jalapeno Pepper Salt

Cayenne Pepper Salt                                                 Sriracha Salt

Chipotle Pepper Salt                                                  ShePepper Salt

Ghost Pepper Salt


Salt Gift Set

SKU: 656237891104
  • Our Salt Gift Sets come in 3 dram, 1 oz and 5 oz jar sizes that will include a mixture of salts (gross weight varies by product).

  • It is our goal for our customers to be 100% happy with their purchases. This is why we strive to carry only the very highest quality of spices, herbs and seasonings, and grind and mix our blends fresh weekly, in house. If you feel a product is not up to your standards, we will gladly offer you a credit. Our products are considered food products, and as such are not exchangeable. Non-food products such as shirts are returnable for refund up to 60 days. We will instruct you as to what you should do if you simply contact us. Any mistakes on our part will be addressed within 24 hours, and of course we will ship you the correct item asap. We really want our customers to be completely satisfied and we take great care in making sure this happens.

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