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Also known as: Flower of Salt, Flor de Sal (Portuguese)

While finishing salts are the premier salt varieties, Fleur de Sel is the crème de la crème of finishing salts. Fleur de Sel literally translates to “Flower of Salt” and is often called the “caviar of salts” by chefs worldwide. True Fleur de Sel comes from the Guérande region of France, and is made up of only “young” crystals that form naturally on the surface of salt evaporation ponds. Paludiers (the salt harvesters of the Guérande region) carefully rake the salt crystals using only wooden tools, true to traditional methods. The weather conditions must be just right to produce a good Fleur de Sel harvest, and the process can only be completed once a year, in the summer.

Also, similar to fine wine regions, different areas within Guérande produce salts with their own unique flavors and aroma profiles.

FLEUR DE SEL is ideal for salads, cooked fresh vegetables, and grilled meats.

Fleur de Sel

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